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River Boats: simple boating, safe and affordable! Our boats are manufactured from environmentally friendly polyethylene which is extremely impact resistant and durable, as well as requiring minimal maintenance. River Boats are 100% recyclable and sustainable. The trademark hulls are best described as a hybrid between a catamaran and V-hull, providing high levels of stability and excellent handling.

River Boats have built high quality, seaworthy boats in Norway since 1995. They are an award-winning, modular design focusing on high levels of safety, functionality and low cost of ownership.


The River 290 is s a practical, inexpensive boat with modern user friendly features and is available in a variety of colors.

Loa: 2,90m/9'7" foot

Weight w/o engine: ~80kg/ 176lb

Beam: 1,50m/ 4'9"

Max. no. persons: 3

Outboard (short shaft) : max. engine-power 7,3kW /9,.9HP (Engine power range: 4 – 9.9hp ) 

Max. load capacity: 260kg/ / 573lb

Design category: D V-hull angle (hybrid

catamaran): 14 Degree

river boats open oars.png


Great for new boaters, The River 350 is a reliable and inexpensive way to start boating. It can hold up to 3 people

Loa: 3,50m / 11'7" 

Net.weight w/o engine: ~110kg/ 242lb

Beam: 1,50m/ 4'9"

Max. no. persons: 3

Outboard(short shaft): max. engine power 11kW/15hp (Engine power range: 5 – 15hp)

Load capacity: 260kg/ 573lb

Design category: C V-hull angle (hybrid

catamaran): 14 Degree

River boat350 xr.jpg


Offering more seating capacity, The River 420 can hold up to 5 people (1,234 lb max load).

Loa: 4,20m/13'8" 

Net.weight w/o engine: ~180kg/ 396lb Beam: 1,80m/ 6'9"

Max. no. person: 5

Outboard (long shaft): max. engine power kW 22,4/30hp (Engine power range: 10 – 30hp Design )

Max. load capacity: 560kg/ 1234lb

Design category: C V-hull angle (hybrid catamaran): 17 Degree

* The XR set is an optional add-on for all models. It consists of the steering console, complete steering system, USB charger, two seats, and a channel for cables. The holes for the oarlocks are plugged and a paddle is included.

River boat 420 xr.png
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